Monday, February 15, 2010

歡慶庚寅虎年 celebrating year of the TIGER

阿清和光娟新家,第一年拜年,在門口點燃炮竹歡迎大家. Ah Ching and Ah Kuong new home, first year open house, naturally fire-crackers is a must.
年輕一代已完成學業,時間過得真快.鳳娟有一點感觸. our younger generation has finish their education, Hong Kiong is a bit emotional. time really flies.
丈母娘看到本人的一張無處可以高高張掛的作品,只看到圓圈,不知道是菜市場. mother-in-law was wandering what is this place in the photo, which I used my "fish-eye lens" in the central market.
Evelyn今年的紅包拿了不少,展露出"春"的心情. Evelyn in good mood, after receiving so many "ang pow". her feeling is just like "Spring"--fresh & excitement.
可能這是今年最滿意的作品了,6姐妹不知多久沒有來張合照,2010年肯定將會是她們最懷念的一個年頭. the six sisters, taking their first group photo after all this years. this will be their most memorable year, I suppose.
年初一,又逢情人節,就來枝情人棒棒糖吧,很甜很可口的. Chinese New Year coincide with Valentine Day, let share a "Valentine" candy to celebrate the day.
校長大舅派紅包了,難得平時嚴肅的面孔,年初一展露慈祥笑容. Brother-in-law, Principal of SRB Sacred Heart, giving away ang-pow for the younger generation.
好了,三珍海味吃多了,普通的食物也變成可口.不是拜年拜到肚子餓,甚麼食物都變成可口吧? now, after all the "good" food, you find simple foods are as tasty and good.
獸醫檢看"獅子狗",有型有款.拔明再過兩年就要畢業成為獸醫了.未來醫生姐姐在旁為他拍照.大舅母在中間滿足的笑了. future Veterinarian, Pek Ming look at a puppy dog, while his sister, another Doctor, taking photo for him. looking on is their mother.
看到小動物,孩子都特別喜歡.還有一大堆尚在求學年齡的年輕一代. young people love puppy.
逸國和鳳娟家,來張大合照,做為今年姐妹,姨姨家庭大團圓照.當然,攝影師是不可以入鏡的. a group photo for the year.
你們拜年忙著吃,家庭主婦則忙著在廚房準備食物. foods are prepared for visitors.
忙了一天,大家都辛苦了.拜年不忘休息一會. tiredsome long day, not really enjoy yourselves when you are too tired to continue your CNY visit.


  1. Wishing you a very happy new year gathering among your relatives.

    "Gong Xi Fa Chai"

  2. thank you, En. Chee Leong. do you come back to Sibu for the CNY celebration. or, are you from Sibu? Happy Chinese New Year...

  3. 哇,热闹新年!!

  4. 焦蕉,現在古晉的相片是交待你拍了,怎麼可能少,努力點拍.不要將責任一直推給別人.現在"球"在你腳下.....有看見嗎?