Saturday, January 9, 2010

paradise of pitcher plants 豬籠草仙境在詩巫

詩巫郊區確實生長了好多的不同種類豬籠草,非常吸引人.冠上這個豬籠草"仙境"美名,應該很恰當吧? Sibu is paradise for pitcher plants, in the outskirt of the town, many different species of pitcher plants can be seen.

趙仕富和蔡增聰兩人,對滿山滿地的豬籠草,簡直是入迷了.辛好他們偷偷採摘豬籠草的相片沒有被拍到,不能證明.....Tiew and Chua were fascinated by the abundant of pitcher plants at Rantau Panjang near Sibu. luckily, their action of plucking the plants was not caught by the camera.

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