Wednesday, January 6, 2010

farewell to Hsu 與徐雨村話別

來自台灣的加拿大亞伯達大學人類學系博士班研究生徐雨村,在詩巫"定居"了一年,終於完成他對本地華人歸屬的研究,近日離開詩巫,赴香港進行博士論文的最後撰寫任務.過後,他將返回加拿大提呈他的相關研究論文.在詩巫期間,雨村認識和接觸了許多人,結交了很多朋友.大家對於他的離開,依依不捨,紛紛設餐會送行.中華文藝社和衛理報茶友會於周日晚設宴款待. Ph.D. Program student of University of Alberta, Canada, Frank Hsu from Taiwan, who is doing his Anthropology study, and is in Sibu for the past year, doing research on the Chinese here. having making a lot of friends in this small town, when it is his time to leave for Hong Kong to finish his paper, friends throw dinners to bid him farewell. Frank Hsu with his hosts, cheer for their friendship.

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