Friday, January 1, 2010

Countdown 2010 祥雨迎新年

Sibu people welcome the new year under the sudden shower. before the clock click to announce the coming of 2010, the rain came to cleanse the earth, washing away all the unwanted things of the past.
dancing group of Sibu Lin Clan Association performing during the countdown. 詩巫林氏公會婦女組的腰鼓舞,在舞台上呈獻給大家以迎接新年.
students of Methodist Primary School dance to the tune. 衛理小學學生表演.
a view of the evening before the rain. 迎新晚會上一片人潮.
people rushing for cover when the rain coming down instead of the "new year". 祥雨來臨時,人們急步避雨去.這是新年來臨前的"最緊張一刻"....


  1. thanks for the pictures of Sibu....

    I missed the first sun rise of the year because the sun was not bright enough today due to the rain....