Friday, January 22, 2010

misty Sibu 詩巫在"濃霧"中

幾天前,詩巫彌漫著一片濃霧,讓人感受到這與詩巫的現況很相似.氣候已向我們宣告了難以抗拒的事實.氣候轉變,濃霧籠罩大地.其他方面是否也同樣發生改變呢?我們只有等著看了. the misty weather told us some thing, weather change, may also meant some thing is going to change as well. but what??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

we were at the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort重遊婆羅洲熱帶雨林渡假村

it was so nice to be there again, this time with photographic enthusiasts, taking as many photos as possible, in order to get some prizes from the competition organized by the Resort. it is understand that, the closing date for this photographic competition is postponed until end of March. and models in traditional costumes will be at hand for photographers as far away as Brunei, Kuching, Sibu, not to mention from Miri, will all be invited to take part in a grand colours of celebration at the resort on 7th of March. photographers, please get ready for the day. 再次來到婆羅洲熱帶雨林渡假村,確實讓人感到開心.這一次,是來拍照,而不是採訪.5位詩巫攝影界朋友老遠跑到這里,拍了一些相片,正在煩惱拍得不夠時,獲知攝影比賽截止日期已改到三月尾.而且,3月7日將是一個非常特別的日子,因為,當局安排了穿上傳統裝的模特兒,讓來自汶萊,古晉,詩巫,以及美里的攝影發燒友,讓大家參與,預料必將是一場"武林盛會".請大家早做準備,屆時赴會....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

paradise of pitcher plants 豬籠草仙境在詩巫

詩巫郊區確實生長了好多的不同種類豬籠草,非常吸引人.冠上這個豬籠草"仙境"美名,應該很恰當吧? Sibu is paradise for pitcher plants, in the outskirt of the town, many different species of pitcher plants can be seen.

趙仕富和蔡增聰兩人,對滿山滿地的豬籠草,簡直是入迷了.辛好他們偷偷採摘豬籠草的相片沒有被拍到,不能證明.....Tiew and Chua were fascinated by the abundant of pitcher plants at Rantau Panjang near Sibu. luckily, their action of plucking the plants was not caught by the camera.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

farewell to Hsu 與徐雨村話別

來自台灣的加拿大亞伯達大學人類學系博士班研究生徐雨村,在詩巫"定居"了一年,終於完成他對本地華人歸屬的研究,近日離開詩巫,赴香港進行博士論文的最後撰寫任務.過後,他將返回加拿大提呈他的相關研究論文.在詩巫期間,雨村認識和接觸了許多人,結交了很多朋友.大家對於他的離開,依依不捨,紛紛設餐會送行.中華文藝社和衛理報茶友會於周日晚設宴款待. Ph.D. Program student of University of Alberta, Canada, Frank Hsu from Taiwan, who is doing his Anthropology study, and is in Sibu for the past year, doing research on the Chinese here. having making a lot of friends in this small town, when it is his time to leave for Hong Kong to finish his paper, friends throw dinners to bid him farewell. Frank Hsu with his hosts, cheer for their friendship.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

詩巫林氏公會大廈動工 Lin Clan Association building earth breaking ceremony

第367省林氏宗親總會大廈,經過一段漫長歲月等待後,終於開始動工興建.一座耗資超過400萬的大廈,將於2011年中,出現在詩巫布律克路旁.the premises of 3rd, 6th & 7th Division Lin Clan Association will be materialized in 2011, when the HQ building near Brooke Drive is readied. the earth breaking ceremony was held this morning.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas tree of the year 最佳裝飾聖誕樹

大星百貨公司的這棵聖誕樹,是2009年詩巫最佳裝飾聖誕樹. Daesim Emporium's Christmas tree is the winner of the night.
from right: Daesin Emporium, ZOOBEE nursery,Ta Ann Group & etc, are the winners of the Christmas tree decoration competition.

Countdown 2010 祥雨迎新年

Sibu people welcome the new year under the sudden shower. before the clock click to announce the coming of 2010, the rain came to cleanse the earth, washing away all the unwanted things of the past.
dancing group of Sibu Lin Clan Association performing during the countdown. 詩巫林氏公會婦女組的腰鼓舞,在舞台上呈獻給大家以迎接新年.
students of Methodist Primary School dance to the tune. 衛理小學學生表演.
a view of the evening before the rain. 迎新晚會上一片人潮.
people rushing for cover when the rain coming down instead of the "new year". 祥雨來臨時,人們急步避雨去.這是新年來臨前的"最緊張一刻"....