Sunday, December 20, 2009

pitcher plant 豬籠草

砂拉越華族文化協會執行秘書蔡增聰,帶著他的公子,和小的一行4人,昨天下午又偷偷跑到蘭島邦江郊外去採豬籠草.這次是真的動用挖掘帶回家種,不像上次那樣,穿得美美的捨不得跑到草叢中去.結果,今天當然大有收獲....噓...不可以告訴森林部. Mr. Chua of Sarawak Chinese Cultural Association, together with his son, and the four of us went to get more pitcher plants this afternoon, at Rantau Panjang in Sibu. we managed to get some different species of the plant, which are abandon in and around Sibu outskirt.

this is not pitcher plant, rather, a lizard hanging on the tree. can you see it?

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