Friday, December 25, 2009

the GROOVE street dancers 凹線街舞者

很抱歉,字典找到groove的意思是這樣,所以就暫時亂套了.這組在西馬頗著名的街舞者,于聖誕節前夕的平安夜里,在詩巫城市廣場的大舞台上舞了起來,吸引了眾多年輕朋友的參與. the meaning of GROOVE is: a long narrow hollow space cut into a surface. this is taken from on line Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. very funny. never the less, this group of street dancers are famous, I heard, in West Malaysia. so, they were at Sibu Town Square on the Christmas Eve, dancing to the tune, and attracted many youngsters.

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  1. Young people are attracted to this kind of explosion!