Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dream home 夢想之家

I like to dream, as the Philosopher has said, you have to dream first. and so.... I keep on dreaming, and doing nothing, until my friend offered me, to build a house (cheap, and yet nice). so, I just do as he says. approach the land owner, looking for architect, apply for loan, and now... any other day, standing and looking, and sometimes day-dreaming under the hot sun, of my new home, which by the grace of God, is slowly coming up. 哲學家曾說過,你要先學會夢想.我只會斷章取義,天天做夢,想要住獨立屋.有一天,我的朋友(全國最具潛能的記者兼發展商),告訴我要建一間又便宜又好的獨立屋給我,我也老實不客氣(傻傻的)跑去找上地主買了地,找繪測師隨隨便便畫了屋圖,向銀行申請了貸款.如果他們沒興趣,我就繼續做夢.誰知道世界無難事,他們真的很願意幫助人,讓我看到了人性"真善美"的一面.結果....就傻傻的把屋子建了起來....真笨!天天三不五時的,站在烈陽下看著屋子一天一天的向天空伸延,並繼續做我的白日夢.

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