Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas bells ringing聖誕鈴聲響起

as usual, Sibu Municipal Council is holding a Christmas tree competition for interested parties. 13 Christmas trees are coming up in front of the tallest building in Sarawak, Wisma Sanyan. these Christmas trees are set up in a very special way. 與往年一樣,詩巫市議會舉辦最佳聖誕樹比賽,在全砂最高建築物--三洋大廈前,設立13棵聖誕樹,點亮詩巫12月的夜空.這些聖誕樹,都是經過精心設計的.


  1. Do Mafrica participate in this year's Christmas tree contest?Can you show their Christmas tree pictures here?

  2. sorry, I don't really know whether they are taking part or not. but, since it is Council Chairman's company, I think they might not be taking part. after all, this is a competition, other than celebrating Christmas. what do you think?