Friday, December 25, 2009

Celebrate Christmas at Sungai Merah 新珠山河畔慶祝聖誕節

can you believe, one day, Sungai Merah will dry up? yet, many people, especially those who stay and live there will say, even though Sungai Merah dried up, I'll be myself as ever. the meaning is, they are not going to change, as least for Jesus. under the rain, I finally celebrated my Christmas in Sungai Merah, near Wong Nai Siong memorial Park. this is the time of the year, when rain likes to join in the fun.
under the rain, they would not move.雨中慶祝聖誕節,他們怎都不願走.

on the varendah of shops, a very special occasion for Christmas celebration. 在商店五腳基做禮拜,很不一樣的經歷....

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