Monday, December 21, 2009

can't see pineapple at Pineapple Festival 缺少黃梨的黃梨節

I almost forgot, we went to take part in Pesta Nanas in Sarikei last week end, but only to find out, there isn't any pineapple around, considering those did appear for a competition should not be counted. then, what is the meaning of a festival without even a pineapple? it's true, that was a festival meant for agricultural products. but then, how much agricultural products actually present? I thought of buying a pepper for planting at home, but was told there were just for exhibition. the agricultural exhibition was even worst, just put up something for the sake of showing, I suppose that's why not much visitors were at their boots.泗里徍上周舉行的黃梨節,讓人看到了一次文不對題的展銷會和節慶.連電台廣播員都對此感到難以理解.節慶中唯一能夠看到黃梨的地方,是供做比賽的黃梨.哪....黃梨節又怎說呢?當然我們可以理解,這僅是做為促進農業為主的活動.但是,農產品很多嗎?看來菜巴剎天天都有的農產品夠你參觀了,又何必一個節慶.有限的農業展出,也是冷冷落落,似乎是濫竽充數.連買一棵胡椒樹拿回家種植都沒有.可憐....


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  2. Hi

    I wish to have a pepper vine too....
    Good observations!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. thank you Sarawakiana, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you.