Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BRIGDES---Lanang Bridge南蘭律大橋

this is Lanang Bridge across the Rajang River in Sibu, 1220 meters, longest in Sarawak at the moment. highest point of this bridge is 31.57 MRL(meters). the navigation clearance of 110 meters wide by 20 meters height measured at AFL (3.0 MRL) is provided for each way vessels sailing across the Bridge. The ground-breaking of the bridge was held on 12th October, 2003, and was completed in April 2007.這是橫跨詩巫拉讓江的"南蘭律大橋",1220公尺長,最高點是31.57公尺.這座橋於2003年10月12日動土,並於2007年4月完工.


  1. Very pretty photos...especially the bridge in the mist....

    What camera? What lens?

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  3. camera and lens is not that important, Sarawakiana@2, rather, it is the "heart" that's matter. you have to be "silly" enough to do things others are not going to do, such as taking ordinary photos like these, under the hot sun, and etc....