Monday, November 23, 2009

what happened to Niah Caves? 尼亞石洞變了樣

怎麼搞的,尼亞石洞不是人類文化遺產地嗎?看看它現在的窘境,好像欠缺了甚麼管理,洞內石壁被亂亂塗,亂亂畫,天然山洞儼然一幅"畫室",任由你發揮.國家公園當局在做甚麼?寫報告??.... what happened to this human natural heritage site? Niah Caves has since became a drawing room for many. look at the drawings on the stone walls, its a shame for the National Park not to do anything about it.... what are they doing, really?

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  1. 天啊!干嘛亂亂畫啊!!?好可惡啊。。。