Thursday, November 26, 2009

see what they had done to the Memorial Park 富雅各紀念公園有廢鐵小偷

看來,那些人為了找廢鐵,管你是公園,紀念園,只要不是自己老爹的,都一於偷掉,賣掉.真沒了良心....沒良心的人....詩巫富雅客紀念公園即使有管理人,看來也沒有多大用處.看看這些紀念碑底下的那一排美化用的鐵條,上星期還剩下一條.不知道這個星期還在嗎?現在設計甚麼花園,公園,千萬不要使用鐵,銅,鋁之類的東西.結果只是被破壞,沒有一點價值. Hoover Memorial Park was vandalized, suppose to be many days already. the iron bars were stolen from the wall. even though there is one watch man on duty, it seems to be of no purpose at all.

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