Monday, November 16, 2009

我迷上了它 in the dream land

I will go again, for sure. Cameron Highlands is like a dream land to me. heard of it for so-o-o-o long already, never been there. once there, the soul did not return, even though the body back home and hard working again. 迷上了金馬崙高原,相信必再回去拍照.聽這個名字多久了,至今才有機會一遊.雖然人已返回工作崗位努力拼了,魂魄好像還留在那里....


  1. In ancient days people would go up the mountains and meditate...then they became immortals.

    Yes the Cameron Highlands can be a good place for the immortals.

    Our Steve Ling going to be one of the immortals? (Smile)

  2. I'm yet to visit Cameron Highlands. Is the tea served there nicer than elsewhere?

  3. I suppose everything is good and nice up there. always try it yourself....

  4. 這里也是我百去不厭的地方哦!喜歡那裡的花草,冷冷的天氣。贊!肯定是您這愛攝影之人的好去處哦!