Friday, November 27, 2009

holiday in Sarawak 砂拉越---快樂假期

Victor & Lee San having holiday in Sarawak, recently. they visited Niah Caves, Lake Batang Ai, and many places in Kuching. I hope they enjoy their stay here. 義威和麗珊在砂拉越渡假.期間,他們訪問了尼亞石洞,巴當艾湖,以及古晉的各個地點,名勝.
with a human statue at Sarawak Museum. 砂拉越博物館背後的一座人像.
enjoy "chendo" at the reservoir park. 蓄水池公園內享受"水果冰".
fountain in the reservoir park. 蓄水池公園噴泉.
statue of Cat at Padungan road, Kuching 座落在浮羅岸路的古晉地標.
entrance to the Cat's museum of Kuching City North. 參觀古晉北市貓博物館.
in the sweet memory lane of the cats. 詩情畫意.
who's who. 認識他們是誰嗎?
at Lake Batang Ai, a long boat sailing pass. 在巴當艾湖上留影.
mascot of Lake Batang Ai. 這是巴當艾湖的標誌--富貴魚.
in a long boat at Batang Ai. 巴當艾上游居民,就是靠這些長舟做為交通工具.
in the Niah Caves. 尼亞石洞內一景.


  1. Hi uncle,

    V reli enjoy the holiday in Sarawak:):)Hope i can go there again next year:) Reli thx a lot for bringing us to travel so many hot places in Sarawak and shooting so many nice photos for us:D
    U reli r a professional tour guide and photographer:)hehe

  2. hi, boy, did you not remember to do something for me? I SMS you a few days back.