Thursday, November 26, 2009

durians by the road side 大道旁的賣榴槤鄉民

駕車前往古晉途中,看到沿途許多地點的路旁,站著許多要賣榴槤的鄉民.有人說,他們是來自印尼的人,揹著放滿籃子的榴槤,走上6,7個鐘頭,來到我們這里售賣.或許是本地人,不過,他們是內陸民族沒錯.榴槤盛產,他們紛紛出現在大道旁,形成一幅"奇觀". durian hawkers, some said, from as far away as Indonesia border, walking for over 6 to 7 hours, just to get here, by the road side of Pan Borneo Highway near Serian and Sri Aman. whether they are Indonesians or not is no big deal, they are for sure rural folks, carrying durians to sell from their remote homes.

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  1. I remember the "urban bandits" who would buy up the rural durians for 30 ringgit one whole basket and then selling them to the town customs for 8 ringgit a kilo...Middlemen thus earn so much more than the local producer..that is why today these poor fellows walk 10 km just to sell by the roadside....
    this is always the poor rural men's (and women's) stories...