Monday, November 23, 2009

changing faces of Batang Ai 巴當艾"變臉"

許久沒來到巴當艾湖,自從四月間的一場補選後,這里發生了一些變化.它的湖邊建了許多看台,亭子,一座新碼頭,沿湖岸邊的行人道等.內陸一些徙置區的長屋也有了柏油路.這些變化,令人耳目一新. Batang Ai has changed quite a bit after last April by-election. after a lapse of half a year, you see something changing, you realize this is the good side of a by-election. these changes only remind us that, a lot has not been done, which ought to be done long long time ago.

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