Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sibu Lantern Fest 詩巫燈會---中秋節賞月

this is the first ever Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival, or Moon cake Festival to be celebrated in this grand scale in Sarawak, not to mention Sibu. and, according to Sibu Municipal Council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King, we are going to hold a even bigger celebration of this kind next Autumn. Sibu, as we all are aware, have nothing to offer, in order to attract visitors from other places. so, every time, we try to promote celebration in many ways, and in a big scale. not only that, we try to have big projects and construction of large scale, and so the coming of tallest building in Sarawak--Wisma Sanyan, largest market in Malaysia, biggest town square in Malaysia. and now, it seems, we are going to hold the grandest Lantern Fest in Malaysia as well. this year, as a start, SMC displayed more than 7 thousands lanterns around Sibu town, with the help of Sarawak Kutien Association, and many associations and companies sponsorship of the event.
部長,達官貴人與民共樂,在中秋夜,提著燈籠出遊,一時之間,路途是人山人海. Ministers, VIPs leading the procession with lanterns.
黃順舸部長,王春斗,孫春德副部長,劉增強,張建卿等出席中秋晚會. VIP's attending the celebration.
詩巫拳術健身協會舞獅表演. Lions dance performed by Sibu Quanchu Martial Art Association.
張氏公會婦女組表演舞蹈. Tiong Clan's woman members present a dance.
衛理公會欣歌合唱團呈現動聽歌曲. choir presentation of good old songs.
燈籠舞演出. Lanterns dance.
燦爛的煙花,為中秋節慶祝晚會寫下完美的句點. fire works marks the closing of this year's Lantern Fest celebration.


  1. we have fun time click,click,click,hope next year will continue on. we should also feel deeply disappoint by the ugly and unfairness of person in charge of the lantern-fest foto-contest,it's a shame n a big blow to the reputation of SPC !!!
    well, we keep on happy clicking ,forget n ignore the ugly incidence !