Wednesday, October 14, 2009

messenger 傳遞人

這是在浮剎甘榜看見的景觀.不是指左邊的美女,是指右邊的阿嬸.這位阿嬸可會操一口華語哦.重點不是這....知道她的任務嗎?看清楚她塑膠紙袋內放的是甚麼東西嗎?一大堆的電單,水單,或還有甚麼的公共賬單,都是各家各戶的.由于甘榜的交通只靠11號禮申,用腳行走.所以她就負起一家一戶去分派這些水單,電單.有需要她協助付還的,大概她也照收吧?(這我可不知道,或許有吧?)鄉下人家的傳遞人,任務可很神聖哦, she is the messenger of the kampong, where transport depend very much on you foot. she distribute bills for the kampong folks across the river of Kampong Pusa, in Betong Division. kampong people need to cross the river daily, to go to work or to the market centre, with around 20 sampans ferrying them to and fro, each trip cost Rm0.50. and this lady, playing her part, by distributing the bills, may be even help to collect their money for payment.

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  1. believe it or not, we saw so many beauties in Pusa.... it's true, the Malay girls there are just so pretty, I don't know why. may be the Batang Lupar river water? or crocodile meat? or.....