Monday, October 26, 2009

拉近一點再看清楚 look closer

Lo Ba'an bridge remain four gaps to be filled, each around 50 feet apart, I suppose? the road leading to the bridge is almost totally tar-sealed from Sibu side. once completed, you can drive all the way and have a different view of Sibu, from the top of the bridge. 羅馬安大橋仍然有四個切口尚待完成,各分隔約50呎.一但完成,以柏油路通到這座橋上,你大概可以約略看到詩巫市的一些高樓.


  1. Miss Mona Pengelley (nurse at Bukit Lan) will be back in June next year...we must bring her to see the road and bridge!!

  2. The road towards the bridge is nicely tar. But not sure how long it will last before it sink like other roads in Sibu...