Wednesday, October 14, 2009

駕汽車輪渡的朋友 friend on the ferry

can you imagine seeing friend, driving a vehicle ferry across Batang Lupar river, between the seaside village towns of Pasu and Maludan. naturally, Ah Yew was overwhelmed with joy to see a friend at a place so remote like this, and so unexpected. our friend, I really can't recall his name, neither do Ah Yew, was driving ferry across the river for many years, working 7-day, rest for another 7 days, when he would go home, I suppose still in Durin, where we first met him.
阿耀(曾光耀),在汽車渡輪駕駛室內,與如仙的朋友聊起來. Ah Yew chat with our Durin friend at his control room up on top of the ferry.
兩艘渡輪在這段路上提供兩岸的往返服務.他們的服務時間,是由清晨6點,直至深夜10點.駕駛人就將渡輪當家,在其上睡覺和煮食. two ferry boats plying across Batang Lupar river, daily from 6am until 10pm.


  1. It is a very responsible job to drive a ferry across a big river.....tragedies can happen anytime...hope he is well insured and there is an escape route at the top deck for him.

    Cher cher cher...chuoi chuoi...

    anyway nice of you to write about him and mention about your friendship!!

  2. I check with Ah Yew, the ferry operator is called Ah Liong. yah, a friend you find somewhere near the jungle, you sure is surprised and glad to meet him.這位朋友叫阿良,剛剛由阿耀去查問出來.是的,在這麼偏僻的地點,突然發現一位朋友,是高興過於驚喜.