Saturday, October 24, 2009

甲望的節慶 celebration in Kabong

甲望舉行3天的節慶,許多節目,許多攤位,更多的遊人.攤販生意最好,這名傳統美食小販在燒她的蕉葉糕,甚麼名字我問了又忘了. 3 days of celebration in Kabong. for what? sorry, I really don't know, and don't bother to ask. what for? after all, just enjoy and celebrate. that's it....a hawker selling her traditional food.
人們在一間華人開的木板店前休息.people resting in front of one of the old wooden shops, owned by the Chinese.
午餐時間,就地解決. the hawkers enjoy their lunch on the floor.
是啦,是啦,這些燒雞看似很好吃.是不是很可口,就要嘗過才知...yes, I know. these fry chickens looks nice....
是斗牛,還是斗雞.阿美娟說馬來人不斗雞.那麼,這支舞就該是斗牛舞了. looks like cock fighting, or was it bull fighting. Ah Mee Kiong said, Malay do no cock fighting. then, it must be dance of the fighting bulls.

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