Monday, September 7, 2009

QSM9002意外 accident at Tunku Abdul Rahman road

4人同車朝烏也路方向出發,到東姑阿都拉曼路半途,在詩巫國油油站前發生意外,被混凝土羅厘車撞及左車尾,造成車頭轉向,右後車門處撞及路旁美化樹,再沖向路旁水溝.前座2人虛驚一場,沒有受傷.車後兩人,幸好也僅輕傷,無礙.車禍現場,吊車準備將車吊走. an accident occurred at 8km Tunku Abdul Rahman road this afternoon, around 3:30pm. the car with 4 passengers, was knocked by a premix cement lorry on the left, spin around and knocked down a tree by the road side, and landed in the drain. luckily, only 2 back seat passengers are slightly injured.
右車尾撞及美化樹. right side of the car, smashed against the tree.


  1. Dear Steve Ling
    You were fast in reaching the scene!!
    Thank God these four were not badly injured. The cement truck was indeed a huge thing. And the dent in the Camry looks bad. Worse could have happened. Another kind of car - worse could also have happened.
    And luckily the drain is not a big one with lots of water.....
    God was present I must say....More prayers for all of you. Praise God.

  2. yes, I'm reporter, but feature writer. all those in the car are my friends. thank God indeed.

  3. 长鼻猴,快来facebook来做客!!!大家都在哦!

  4. In the first pix, it's seems Philip was there too.

  5. Abana, Philip was there. we went together to the accident scene.