Sunday, September 20, 2009

old friends' Raya gathering 開齋節的歡聚

當年,她們都在一間診療所工作.那是1979年的時候,都還年輕.20年後,她們還是經常見面,不是在市場,就是節慶的時候.Aminah(中)在接待Lenta和美娟開齋節訪問時,聊起了陳年往事.她們3人,一個是馬來人,一個伊班人,美娟---自然是華人啦....多年的手足之情,如今繼續維持著她們的朋友感情. this is a story of three friends, Aminah(centre, a Malay),Lenta(an Iban, at right)and Mee Kiong, during a Hari Raya visit. they were working with a clinic back in 1979. 20 years since, though each ventured into different fields, they remain as friends, and festive visit is an annual gathering, when they chat and chat about the past and present.
Aminah的弟弟---Zaabah(左),與太太阿燕(左2),馬來人與華人通婚的感人故事.他們在開齋節開放門戶,接待親友的訪問.大家興奮的聊了起來. Aminah's younger brother, Zaabah(left), married to a Chinese "Ah Yeen"(second left), their children can speak Bahasa Melayu, and Foochow.

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