Saturday, September 19, 2009

泗里奎拍美女 models shooting in Sarikei

invited by the neighbourhood committee of Sarikei BDC Industry unit, members of the Photographic Society of Sibu, led by its President Ling Liong Hui, visited and gave a talk about photography, and provide two models for the actual shoot out for the neighbourhood committee's members.在泗里奎BDC工業區睦鄰委員會的邀請下,詩巫攝影學會一行多人,在會長林良輝的率領下,出席了當地的一項攝影講座,並提供兩名模特兒供現場攝影活動.
Ling Liong Hui giving a talk on photo taking. 會長林良輝主持攝影講座.

our advisor Bowison Hii (FRPS), showing photographic enthusiasts on the shooting of models. 顧問許志壽大師,現場指導拍攝模特兒.
a group photo. 大家來張合照.

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