Wednesday, September 16, 2009

開齋節點亮油燈 lighting of oil lamps of Hari Raya

tonight, together with Philip Hii, BengBeng, Liong Kheen Ying and Hu Mieu Ting, both of i-galleries, we break the fast with Khalid, our MASCargo officer attached to the airport, who is none other than our brother of Photographic Society of Sibu. after the 6:30pm prayer, we enjoy a delicious meal at the coffee shop just beneath the Star Cineplex in Sibu town. then we proceed to the kampong, where we were lucky to saw so many kids lighting the oil lamps. and, you know, we just shoot as much as we can. this is only one of those hundred of photos we took. 又一個開齋節的來臨.我們,包括Philip,BengBeng,梁慶嶸,許妙婷等,陪詩巫摄影學會的兄弟Khalid,馬航貨運部詩巫機場職員,在蘭敏街星際影院底樓享受了一頓開齋晚餐.過後,我們前往馬來人甘榜拍照,要拍孩童點燃油燈的相片.結果,運氣不錯,拍了兩戶人家,油燈很多,孩童更多.也不知拍了多少張相片.總之,大家是滿意的離開,到市中心的夜市繼續獵影.

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  1. Very united Society!! Show more photos.....regards to all...