Saturday, September 26, 2009

in the midst of the festive mood 中秋節氣氛濃

the first ever Ten-lung Festival (or Lantern Festival) for Sibu, in a grand scale, naturally you like to have a photo for memory. 小地方詩巫,從來沒有辦過這麼大型的燈籠盛會,自然要拍張照留念.會不會是空前絕後的盛會,明年就知道了.
is it looks nice, right from the bottom of them all? 由燈籠底下望向天空,多美麗的一幅景觀.
just turning your head with the camera, you'll create this effect. so simple, and yet many don't know how to do it. use slow speed, adjust the aperture to suit the brightness, press the camera on your face, and press the button, and turn your Big head....that's it. 這張特別技術拍下的照片.不會拍的人,肯定又說:一定是電腦加工.其實,拍這張相片再容易不過了.將速度調慢,調整光圈,相機貼在臉上.按下快門時,轉動你的大頭.效果?就是這樣子的囉....謙虛一點學習,所謂活到老,學到老.我也是剛剛才學會這一招的.現在....,已經"開班"授徒了,雖然不受到承認!!
fire-works display during the opening ceremony of the first Borneo Lantern Festival. 燈籠節開幕儀式上,點燃起煙花.這是使用"魚眼"鏡頭才拍得下的畫面.

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