Thursday, September 3, 2009

地基 foundation

完成打樁,現在是挖開泥土建地基. foundation works going on. very soon the ground floor will come in shape.
完成地基工程,就可開始屋身的建造了.上了一次寶貴的功課.學習到不少,可以考慮做做發展商了. foundation is very important, have to see it for yourself, may be you can also learn something, next time try to be a developer as well. who knows....


  1. Hope to see LLT Developer and Construction Company in the near future ....and I have many free kopi and kampua treats in Sibu!!

    Make sure you count the steel bars and measure the thickness...

  2. thanks, Sarawakiana. you have any land to develop?.....don't forget to look for me, ha ha....