Sunday, September 27, 2009

durians season again 榴槤又上市

沙龍換榴槤?有人要嗎?現買現吃....people enjoying durians feast on the spot, at durian stalls along the wharf area in Sibu, Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo, South East Asia.
阿姆:一粒8令吉,要就快點.拍照要收Rm2.辛好馬來女子助我一臂之力,買下了全部榴槤.阿姆說:你拍照幫助我賣了所有榴槤.我說:哪,你要謝謝我了...(有送榴槤做為報答嗎?) old lady pushing a bicycle, selling durians, each one cost Rm8. she wants me to pay Rm2 for taking photo. luckily the Malay lady bought all her durians, and she thank me for that. I should have ask her for a durian as reward....
榴槤真是太吸引人們了.為了吃榴槤,大概很多事情都會忘了....durians, and durians. it is so attractive to so many locals.

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