Monday, September 28, 2009

this is their transport 這是他們的交通工具

時至今日,仍然有很多人需使用長舟做為他們的交通工具.長舟,是他們將農產品運到市中心出售的運輪工具.一天生意結束,大家又集體駕著各自的長舟回家.這是沒有陸路地區的居民日常生活.談發展,實在差太遠了. there are people who are still very far away from so called "development". they don't even have roads to their kampongs. the only way for them to move around, is by long boats. talking about eradicating poverty? please build road to their kampongs. why development is so difficult to reach them? while we can spent millions and millions just to make our "face" looks nice, and not able to build just a road for them?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

durians season again 榴槤又上市

沙龍換榴槤?有人要嗎?現買現吃....people enjoying durians feast on the spot, at durian stalls along the wharf area in Sibu, Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo, South East Asia.
阿姆:一粒8令吉,要就快點.拍照要收Rm2.辛好馬來女子助我一臂之力,買下了全部榴槤.阿姆說:你拍照幫助我賣了所有榴槤.我說:哪,你要謝謝我了...(有送榴槤做為報答嗎?) old lady pushing a bicycle, selling durians, each one cost Rm8. she wants me to pay Rm2 for taking photo. luckily the Malay lady bought all her durians, and she thank me for that. I should have ask her for a durian as reward....
榴槤真是太吸引人們了.為了吃榴槤,大概很多事情都會忘了....durians, and durians. it is so attractive to so many locals.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

in the midst of the festive mood 中秋節氣氛濃

the first ever Ten-lung Festival (or Lantern Festival) for Sibu, in a grand scale, naturally you like to have a photo for memory. 小地方詩巫,從來沒有辦過這麼大型的燈籠盛會,自然要拍張照留念.會不會是空前絕後的盛會,明年就知道了.
is it looks nice, right from the bottom of them all? 由燈籠底下望向天空,多美麗的一幅景觀.
just turning your head with the camera, you'll create this effect. so simple, and yet many don't know how to do it. use slow speed, adjust the aperture to suit the brightness, press the camera on your face, and press the button, and turn your Big head....that's it. 這張特別技術拍下的照片.不會拍的人,肯定又說:一定是電腦加工.其實,拍這張相片再容易不過了.將速度調慢,調整光圈,相機貼在臉上.按下快門時,轉動你的大頭.效果?就是這樣子的囉....謙虛一點學習,所謂活到老,學到老.我也是剛剛才學會這一招的.現在....,已經"開班"授徒了,雖然不受到承認!!
fire-works display during the opening ceremony of the first Borneo Lantern Festival. 燈籠節開幕儀式上,點燃起煙花.這是使用"魚眼"鏡頭才拍得下的畫面.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

dragon & swan lanterns 今年中秋最特別

big lantern and a swan, parts of a display of lanterns at the Sibu Gateway. 大大的燈籠和白天鵝,詩巫之窗的夜空又開始熱鬧起來.
near the old Sibu wharf, a huge dragon style lantern appeared. 詩巫江邊突然冒起了一隻巨龍,夜空下閃閃生光.
Sibu Gateway is no ordinary place with so many lanterns brightening the night. 詩巫之窗的巨燈籠,白天鵝,以及一排又一排的燈籠.
the Toa Pek Kong temple with a dragon lantern, is a big attraction. 大伯公廟前的這隻龍形燈籠,格外吸引人.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the base 屋基

也不知道怎麼講.總之,上面屋身建造之前,底下要先做好堅固底盤.屋基吧....哪,正在持續進行之中. well, it's the base support, the work in progress, smoothly....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lanterns everywhere 中秋節掛燈籠

詩巫市,很快要變成一座"燈籠城"了,因為,整萬盞的燈籠將在市中心高高掛上,讓你感受到一次格外與眾不同的中秋節.今年中秋節,你肯定要來詩巫看看.不看?只是你的損失哦.....this year, you have to come to Sibu, and see it for yourself, the first ever display of over 10 thousands of lanterns around the town, just to let you feel something in the air, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hari Raya greetings 開齋節拜訪

Khalid(seated left), committee member of the Photographic Society of Sibu, together with his family members, welcome the visit of members from the Society, led by its President Ling Liong Hui (seated right). 詩巫攝影學會理事Khalid(左坐)接待到訪的攝影界朋友.右坐為會長林良輝.
Suhardy(seated 5th from right), and his family members with their guests. 會員Suhardy(右5)與訪客合影.

1Malaysia 1個馬來西亞

泗里街聯邦大廈前,掛上許多國旗,呈"1"型,反映1個馬來西亞精神. the 1Malaysia spirit, national flags display outside the building of Federal Complex in Sarikei.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

old friends' Raya gathering 開齋節的歡聚

當年,她們都在一間診療所工作.那是1979年的時候,都還年輕.20年後,她們還是經常見面,不是在市場,就是節慶的時候.Aminah(中)在接待Lenta和美娟開齋節訪問時,聊起了陳年往事.她們3人,一個是馬來人,一個伊班人,美娟---自然是華人啦....多年的手足之情,如今繼續維持著她們的朋友感情. this is a story of three friends, Aminah(centre, a Malay),Lenta(an Iban, at right)and Mee Kiong, during a Hari Raya visit. they were working with a clinic back in 1979. 20 years since, though each ventured into different fields, they remain as friends, and festive visit is an annual gathering, when they chat and chat about the past and present.
Aminah的弟弟---Zaabah(左),與太太阿燕(左2),馬來人與華人通婚的感人故事.他們在開齋節開放門戶,接待親友的訪問.大家興奮的聊了起來. Aminah's younger brother, Zaabah(left), married to a Chinese "Ah Yeen"(second left), their children can speak Bahasa Melayu, and Foochow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

egrets flying in empty field of Rahman College, Bintangor 牛鷺在民丹莪拉曼學院空地飛舞

民丹莪拉曼學院分院院址,如今只剩下一座大草場,其他是一無所有.早早已成為牛鷺覓食的地方.可憐....the field which was once meant for the construction of a campus of Rahman College, is no more than a feeding ground for egrets these days. what a pity.....

last minutes Raya shopping 買汽水過節

泗里奎永勝百貨中心外,回教徒趕在最後一刻購買應節用品和食品.一大堆汽水受到眾人的光顧. last minutes shopping for Hari Raya in Sarikei. shoppers ready to buy some soft drinks of this festive occasion.

泗里奎拍美女 models shooting in Sarikei

invited by the neighbourhood committee of Sarikei BDC Industry unit, members of the Photographic Society of Sibu, led by its President Ling Liong Hui, visited and gave a talk about photography, and provide two models for the actual shoot out for the neighbourhood committee's members.在泗里奎BDC工業區睦鄰委員會的邀請下,詩巫攝影學會一行多人,在會長林良輝的率領下,出席了當地的一項攝影講座,並提供兩名模特兒供現場攝影活動.
Ling Liong Hui giving a talk on photo taking. 會長林良輝主持攝影講座.

our advisor Bowison Hii (FRPS), showing photographic enthusiasts on the shooting of models. 顧問許志壽大師,現場指導拍攝模特兒.
a group photo. 大家來張合照.

Friday, September 18, 2009

佳節氣氛濃 festive mood

Muslims Hari Raya is around the corner. every where, Muslims are preparing for this happy occasion. 回教徒開齋就到了,馬來人居住甘榜,確是一片熱鬧.家家戶戶在住家前掛上油燈,點燃油燈,一時燈光通明,非常壯觀.
this is a traditional "canon", announcing the happiness of the season. 點起開齋節傳統的"銅"炮.聲音不是很響.
dad and daughter enjoy together. 父女一起享受燃放煙花的樂趣.
boys going around to light up the kampong.甘榜青年同心協力,在各家各戶門口掛上一兩盞的油燈.
oil lamps is a symbol of light and brighten our spirit. 油燈象徵光明,開齋節為人類的心靈帶來亮光,導向上蒼.
children lighting oil lamps. 眾多孩童一同點起油燈,看他們的眼神,充滿了節慶的期待和歡欣.
beautiful oil lamps displayed. 一戶住家前的油燈,裝飾得美輪美奐.
Malay kampong near Sibu suddenly brightened up. 油燈和車燈,點亮了甘榜的夜空.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

開齋節點亮油燈 lighting of oil lamps of Hari Raya

tonight, together with Philip Hii, BengBeng, Liong Kheen Ying and Hu Mieu Ting, both of i-galleries, we break the fast with Khalid, our MASCargo officer attached to the airport, who is none other than our brother of Photographic Society of Sibu. after the 6:30pm prayer, we enjoy a delicious meal at the coffee shop just beneath the Star Cineplex in Sibu town. then we proceed to the kampong, where we were lucky to saw so many kids lighting the oil lamps. and, you know, we just shoot as much as we can. this is only one of those hundred of photos we took. 又一個開齋節的來臨.我們,包括Philip,BengBeng,梁慶嶸,許妙婷等,陪詩巫摄影學會的兄弟Khalid,馬航貨運部詩巫機場職員,在蘭敏街星際影院底樓享受了一頓開齋晚餐.過後,我們前往馬來人甘榜拍照,要拍孩童點燃油燈的相片.結果,運氣不錯,拍了兩戶人家,油燈很多,孩童更多.也不知拍了多少張相片.總之,大家是滿意的離開,到市中心的夜市繼續獵影.

遲來的粉干蛋 late but not never

這一碗粉干蛋,是為一間屋子在一個月前打樁工程的展開而慶祝.但可惜相片比工程更慢工,打樁一個星期早早完成了,相片卻遲至近日才拿到手.粉干和蛋早早已不知化成甚麼了,相片看上去還是新新的.為了一碗麵,一個月後還要被漏掉的人罵.究竟是粉干蛋的不對,還是相片的不對呢? this photo was taken a month ago, during the piling of a house, with mee and eggs to celebrate it's construction. unfortunately, the photos was not available so soon. and when the photo was finally released, those who have missed their mee and eggs, grumble about it. I really don't know who to blame.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

砂拉越海事學院開幕 opening of Sarawak Maritime Academy

砂拉越首席部長主持這座耗資千萬令吉的學院.其中最吸引人的,就是這間駕駛模擬室.首長等貴賓在這間房內足足有半個鐘頭,駕完一艘大箱運貨輪才願意離開. Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud declared this multi-million ringgit facility, and visited the driving simulation room.
駕著大船在大洋里航行,確是感覺很不一樣. with a container ship in the ocean, it's a thrilling experience.

Monday, September 7, 2009

QSM9002意外 accident at Tunku Abdul Rahman road

4人同車朝烏也路方向出發,到東姑阿都拉曼路半途,在詩巫國油油站前發生意外,被混凝土羅厘車撞及左車尾,造成車頭轉向,右後車門處撞及路旁美化樹,再沖向路旁水溝.前座2人虛驚一場,沒有受傷.車後兩人,幸好也僅輕傷,無礙.車禍現場,吊車準備將車吊走. an accident occurred at 8km Tunku Abdul Rahman road this afternoon, around 3:30pm. the car with 4 passengers, was knocked by a premix cement lorry on the left, spin around and knocked down a tree by the road side, and landed in the drain. luckily, only 2 back seat passengers are slightly injured.
右車尾撞及美化樹. right side of the car, smashed against the tree.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

papaya road 木瓜路

見識過木瓜路嗎?現在讓你大開眼界.世界之大,真的是無奇不有.這下子你可相信了吧?!千真萬確,童叟無欺,這是在伊干江對岸的鄉間小路,本人展開巡視時見到的. ever seen any papaya road or not? now you'll believe by seeing it for yourself. yes, there is actually a road planted with papaya trees.
輪胎也可以種火龍果.看見了吧.它其實是用來支撐樹身,確保火龍果順利生長. what about using tyres to plant dragon fruits? well, the tyres are only to support the branches of the tree.

地基 foundation

完成打樁,現在是挖開泥土建地基. foundation works going on. very soon the ground floor will come in shape.
完成地基工程,就可開始屋身的建造了.上了一次寶貴的功課.學習到不少,可以考慮做做發展商了. foundation is very important, have to see it for yourself, may be you can also learn something, next time try to be a developer as well. who knows....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

羅干布奴湖上遨遊 in the lake of Loagan Bunut

egrets flying near the lake at Loagan Bunut. 白鷺在湖畔飛舞.你一靠近,它們就快快飛走,真沒趣....
enjoy a boat ride in the lake. not much visitors. actually no other visitors than a few of us. outsiders not allow to swim, catching fish here. sightseeing in the lake can be arranged. 在羅干布奴湖上遨遊,也是一項享受.這里不允許外人垂釣,游泳.要遊湖觀賞風光,有專人負責.還有一件秘密.傳說....不可以穿上紅色衣服下到湖里,底褲也不能紅色,以免....不過,就在河邊看到小女孩穿著紅衣.怎辦? 看樣子,我的文章要修改一下....