Tuesday, August 18, 2009

阻礙視線 views blocked

Toa Pek Kong is suppose to take care of the rivers and its users. that's why it is built near a river. if the view of "Toa Pek Kong" is blocked, how do you expect him to look after his subjects well being? the trees are OK, what about the pavilions? things are happening, you know....大伯公廟建造在河邊的原因,就是要照顧河中的一切活動.如果神明的視線被你們阻擋了,他又如何能確保你的安全和福利嗎?樹木或可接受.哪...這些巨大的亨子呢?
when construction work carried out further into the river, the protection block is useless. can you expect it to happen again with a situation like this? 當河堤前的巨大阻礙物都起不了作用,當亨子建得太伸到河中央時,它再也不能負起保護的作用.誰能預料,這種事不會再發生一次?

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  1. ask kapitan soon choon hoo, he may has a lot of story to tell you.