Saturday, August 29, 2009

羅干布奴湖的斜陽 Sunset at Loagan Bunut

can you believe where I had gone in the past 3 days? well, no big deal, just to a national park where I have long been looking forward to visit. yes, the Loagan Bunut National Park, 67km from the main road of Pan Borneo Highway, and around 50km from Miri. the road to the park is OK, but not tar-sealed, that affects a lot to the visitors. small car like what I have, just managed to get through. most vehicles I saw on the way, were 4-wheel drive.
sunset at the lake.湖上的夕陽.
羅干布奴湖上的漁人. fisherman on the lake.


  1. wow...nice!!i gotta plan more days for miri as there has plenty of places to visit :)

  2. Ai ya....why didn't you call me leh?

    show us more photos...

  3. sorry, Chang Yi, we actually arrived in Miri around 6pm, and check in a hotel, looking for food, and just drop by a shopping mall. second day early morning, went to the "fan garden" taking some photos, breakfast, and off again at around 8am. Miri is not the destination, just for one night rest.