Monday, August 17, 2009

江邊亭子又倒了!! pavilion knocked down again

some say, the Toa Pek Kong must be angry. some say, it is just not the right place to build this "9-turn" bridge and its pavilions, so near to the Rajang Port Authority's wharf, where coastal cargo boats berthed.
whatever the saying, it is the same, this place has since become an ugly place, instead of so called "beautification", where all the year round, you only see the "ruins" of the pavilions, and it takes so long just to repair one. no body can enjoy a walk through the pavilions these days, only the anglers and homeless beggars can really enjoy the quiet and undisturbed long days and nights.
somebody should really take it seriously, thinking of a remedy to this situation.
rumours has been spreading, that before the construction of the bridge and pavilions, believers has been seeking "advice" from the deity---the Toa Pek Kong, it was said that, Toa Pek Kong did not give the green light. instead of following the will of the god, the construction went on as planed. although there had been a good time, finally "punishment" in the form of "accidents" came, one pavilion down, now the second one. what will happen next, no body knows.
緊靠著海港局碼頭的亨子,倒了一個又一個. the pavilions are so close to the wharf of coastal cargo boats.
一個還沒修建好,另一個又被撞倒了.莫非大伯公"生氣"了?江邊的美化,如今是美不起來.有一年了嗎?這樣長久下去,好像不很理想吧? the one at the back still under repair, another already fell down.
貨輪只要那麼輕輕一觸到,亨子就可能倒下.這個地點建這些亨子也真是太危險了. so easily knock by coastal boats, and so easy collapse. just not good to build here.


  1. Coincidence?? Strange??? Believe it or not?. It will remain a mystery.

  2. again?? no good. may be degisn have problem