Monday, August 3, 2009

教堂式文物館 old church building turning into a church artifacts center

an old church bell, ringing once more, calling for the gathering of Christians of Kwong Hwa area, to participate in the construction of the Church Artifacts Centre.衛理公會真安堂的一個古鐘再次響起,招喚光華地區的教徒,參與文物館動工儀式.
this old signboard, will be one of the items to be kept in the artifact center.古舊真安堂牌子,是這座建於1906年木板教堂早年使用的牌子.它也將是教會文物館收存的其中一樣物品.
after 68 years, this wooden church is still standing, and is going to be turned into an artifact center. 這間建於1941年的真安堂,在68年後的今天,將轉變為教堂式文物館.
build in 1976, this "new" Cing Ang Dong Church is over 33 years now. 1976年建成新堂,至今也已是33年了.
this afternoon, a ceremony was held, to officiate the re-construction of the old church building. 今天下午,在光華真安堂,舉行了教堂文物館的動工禮.
pastors and lay leaders, taking part in officiating of the construction work. 牧師,傳道和會友,一起主持動工儀式.
the old church main door is once again open up, to mark a new era of the Methodist Church of Sarawak. 真安堂舊堂改建為教會文物館,標誌著砂拉越衛理公會的一個新里程碑.這是從來未曾發展過的教會產業,也是一項很大的突破.据了解,這個文物館的建築,是由衛理公會產業部管轄,教會文物則由教會歷史文獻部管理,文物館行政和管理工作則將由教會和真安堂負責.
Cing Ang Dong was not built until 1941. before that, in 1906, it was another church built near by. later on another one was also constructed close to it. only in the year 1941, the two churches merged into one, named Cing Ang Dong, and was built on this site. until now, the Methodist Church still consider the church as the fourth church built in Sarawak. 光華真安堂的前身是兩間教堂,只在1941年時才在現址合拼為一間教堂.不過,衛理公會仍認定這是砂拉越第4間教堂,建於1906年.而在1976年,真安堂又建了一間新教堂,舊教堂則沒有拆除,至今要改建為教會文物館.
the President of Sarawak Chinese Methodist Church, Rev. Su gave his blessing to the construction of the Artifact Center. 蘇慈安會長為文物館動工獻上祝福.
an old organ keyboard, is the only remain of the musical instrument. 一架古舊風琴的鍵盤,是教會當年使用的剩餘物.
this two bench chairs, are as old as the church. 兩個舊長椅,也是早年教會信徒參加主日崇拜時曾經坐過多少歲月的椅子.
after the ceremony, it's time for afternoon tea. where is the tea? well..., it is a traditional Foochow's "Hungan with eggs". and a big big pot of Chinese noodle. eat as much as you want, please. 動工禮後,就是下午茶時間了.午茶在哪....原來是傳統的福州"粉乾蛋".哪,一大鍋,任你吃個夠,不夠再添,沒有限制.大家努力吧....看樣子是煮了兩大鍋,足夠吃上整百人!!!
ok, eat hard, more is coming. Meng Lei, I know you like eggs. last time you always "eat" ONE egg in school work? so, one egg no more, always two....好多"粉乾蛋",大家努力吃到飽.幹事,從前讀書不努力,常常拿一粒蛋.現在有蛋,一定要吃double,確保全是滿分.


  1. Well written article!!
    Ai yo...I want to eat the Hung Ngan and hard boiled eggs too...
    Hard boiled eggs always remind me of travelling up and down along Rajang river. In the olden days the hard boiled eggs were the easiest to ta pow. tied with a handkerchief.

  2. 真安堂,从历史到新史.

  3. Chang Yi, I suppose it is also easy to eat Hung Ngan egg in Miri. is it not? well, I don't know.

    Lonely Bar.Chen,你姓陳,還是姓鄭?恕我冒昧,真的不知你何方神聖.sorry.老人家了,你千萬要原諒.

  4. 我姓陈,哈哈.

  5. Steve
    Not many opportunities to eat Hung Ngang and egg here...I think people don't cook it here and also I have not chance to be invited for such occasions bah...
    Nice to see blessed people together...God bless.

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