Thursday, August 13, 2009

大橋要對接了 Lo Ba'an bridge near completion

it seems the bridge crossing over Lo Ba'an river, is going to be completed pretty soon. together with the other 8 bridges, once all the work finished, it will only take 80 km from Sibu to reach Tanjung Manis, or slightly over an hour by road.


  1. The bridge drawings done and signed by me :)


  2. I appreciate the design of the bridge though it looks like just another bridge like baram, lanang & a bit like durin)

    I wonder why they have to limit its height to 20 metres. saying it would be dangerous is just too plain. dangerous for what? for the workers building it(no safety belts?)? or the cars going through it? is it so dangerous? if the yanks can build a >50m-high bridge a century ago, why not us? why not a higher bridge that would allow ships to dock at sibu's rpa? has it sth to do with shifting more ship movements to tanjung manis? why not another 2 bridges to sarikei? why is tj manis under mukah? when you add all the clues, you would get the conclusion. =)

    God Bless Sarawak.