Friday, August 7, 2009

富雅各廣場 Hoover Square

富雅各於1872年8月26日,在美國賓夕法尼亞州綠村(Green Village)出生,前後為詩巫和福州人及衛理教會服務了32年.他於1935年2月11日去世,並安葬在古晉聖公會墓地.
the newly renovated Masland Methodist Church in Sibu, and the just completed Hoover Square next to it, will be opened by the Chief Minister of Sarawak on the 16th of this month. James Hoover was the most important person in the development of early Sibu and the well being of the Foochow during that time.
Hoover served Sibu for 32 years, from 1904 until 1935, the year he died. He was buried in the cemetery of the Anglican graveyard in Kuching.
這是富雅各廣場和右邊的福源堂. James Hoover Square and Masland Methodist Church at right.
富雅各紀念樓. Hoover Memorial Building.
富雅各在古晉的原有墓碑. Hoover was buried in Kuching, this is it's original grave.
富雅各新墓碑. in August of 2007, Hoover's grave was refurbished.


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