Tuesday, August 4, 2009

林火和煙霾 bush fire & haze

農民清理芭地,準備要耕種.他們僅是小面積的清芭,將枯枝乾葉一把火燒掉.過去這是他們的傳統耕種法.現在,這種耕法變成對環境的影響,不受人們的歡迎. native farmers preparing for a new planting season, they cut down trees and let it dry, before burning it. last time, this is a common traditional practice, but now, people don't see the necessity of burning any more. bush burning has since became an environmental problem.
厄爾尼諾因為燃燒芭地,而令詩巫到處呈現出煙霾情況.我們不能怪天,不怪地,只怪自己不小心,不愛惜,將地球如此這般的虐待.最終,吃虧的還是自己...as can be seen, this morning, we saw haze and mist join forces, smokey misty road in many parts of Sibu. dry season has finally making its way into our lives again. we blame no body, but ourselves.

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