Monday, August 10, 2009

林火燒到屁股了 bush fire at the backyard

after a week of burning, the bush fire at Bukit Lima Timur and Forest Park area, is not about to stop yet. instead, it is burning closer to houses at Kampong Santosa. the residents are worried, and take any measure possible, including spraying their surrounding with pipe water.
甘幫聖陶沙北8A巷尾的居民,林火看樣子就要燒到他們的厠所了. at the back of houses of Kampong Sentosa north 8A lane, it seems that the bush fire is already very near their backyard.
聖陶沙大旁,已被燒得一片灰燼.幸好水管不受影嚮. by the road side, bush fire has ceased, luckily the pipe line is not damaged.
草叢的野火越燒越旺,又燒越多. but those bush fire at the backyard continue to burn.
居民逼不得已,舉起小水管也要拼命的向四周噴水. resident were forced to use their small pipe spraying water at the surrounding area, in order to control the fire from spreading.
在大夥兒忙著自救當兒,消防人員終於及時趕到. while the residents are busy spraying water, personnel from the fire brigade arrived for the rescue.
消防員的出現,安定了民心. it was a relieve for the residents to see the arrival of firemen.
他們以大水喉展開了噴水的工作. firemen spraying water toward the bush fire.
大樹被砍下阻止林火漫延,加上大量噴水,相信將能控制林火. trees were cut to prevent the fire from spreading, while firemen fought against the bush fire.

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