Monday, August 3, 2009

民都魯國際風箏節 Borneo International Kite Festival, Bintulu

Borneo International Kite Festival started yesterday in Bintulu, until 9th of this month. many programmes about the kites flying in the sky will be coming out on the way. the best time to watch the climax of the festival, I suppose will be this coming Sunday, that is, the last day on 9th.
entrance to the Borneo International Kite Festival, with food stalls and other consumers' good on sell as well. 民都魯國際風箏節入口,大熱天,仍然擠滿人.
buying kites is the highlight of the day. every kid would like to have one as least. 當然,到這里不買風箏就不行了.
the little girl said: I like this big one....小女孩,人才志氣大?"我要買大的".....
ok, choose slowly, no hurry, buy what you want, all are cheap, I think. 價錢應該不會很貴吧? 慢慢買,好好挑選.
Emily and her friend enjoying themselves in the field. Emily和她的朋友,自得其樂,也放起風箏來.忘了.... 她們小時好像沒有放過風箏,可憐....
whao, whao, who is this. it is a terrible thing to do, when cameraman threw away his professional cameras, and take up the kite, going back to younger days, and forget about everything. And, I think I know this guy.....oh yes, he is Khalid, a committee member of the Photograpic Society of Sibu, going all the way from Sibu, not to take pictures, instead, flying kite!!! my, my....喂,喂,喂,這是誰,好像很面熟.對了,對了,好像是在甚麼航空公司工作的....嘩,原來是"卡立",詩巫攝影學會理事,老遠由詩巫跑去民都魯,結果是放風箏,不是為了拍照.真是精神可嘉.
ok, just let go of the kite, not to hold it too tight. 小弟弟,不要抓得太緊,風箏要在天空飛的.要不然,旁邊的同伴好像自己要飛起來了.
young and old alike, everybody, come and join in the joy of kites flying!! 老少都一樣,大家一起放風箏.只有這個時候,才能不分大人,小孩.太好了....
wao....who are they? masked men and women? obviously afraid of the "fierce" sun ray. 外星人??包到這麼密室.還是,新的甚麼"教徒"??

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  1. Khalid huh? I thought terrorist sending secret messages thru kite hahahah