Sunday, July 12, 2009

中華路失火 Tiong Hua Road on fire

中華路第一巷路口,今早發生火警.朋友通報是在我舊家附近,只好快快通知二哥去看看.還好僅是附近做麵攤的"阿肥"的家失火.lane one of Tiong Hua Road was on fire this morning, around 7am. I was informed that the fire broke up near my old house, luckily it was two blocks away. I thought of buying fire insurance tomorrow, not sure they accept old house or not. may be much much expensive.
as taken from another house of the fire at its height. 在隔鄰屋子二樓拍的火患現場,黑煙沖天.
looking out from Tiong Hua Road lane one. 由中華路第一巷望出去的災場景觀.
spectators gathered just to have a look at the fire. 路人聚在附近看熱鬧.

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