Sunday, July 26, 2009

sg. Bilat 的華人屋長 Tuai Rumah Hong Sing Sing

村民划著小舟返回順溪比勒時,同舟的孩童急不及待跳下水嬉戲. long boat coming back from Sungei Kanowit, into sg. Bilat, where children jump into the water to bath and fun.
華人屋長洪心聲(左)與遠道由吉隆坡而來的「椰樓映畫」國際影視製作公司4名人員合影.左3為洪心聲的伊班籍母親尤悠(Uyu).右為砂拉越攝影師許保德. Chinese headman of an Iban long house, Hong Sing Sing(left), together with his mother Uyu(3rd left), and a local photographer Philip Hii(right), took a group photo with four members of Kuala Lumpur based Yellow Pictures production company, who were documenting a story on the headman or Tuai Rumah, which is expected to be aired on ASTRO AEC channel later on.


  1. hi! steven,i like the longboat taken frm top view!

  2. I might have read some where about a Chinese head woman in the long house.

  3. who is this anonymous? provide me some information about the Chinese head woman of the long house....please. I like to write about it. due??