Wednesday, July 1, 2009

拉讓江遊輪啟航RV Orient Pandaw cruising Rajang River

RV Orient Pandaw, the cruise ship that starts thrice monthly cruising the Rajang River, is on its maiden trip today. the ship can accommodate 60 passengers per trip of 9 days 8 nights through the Rajang from Sibu, first to Dalat, then to Kanowit, Song, Kapit, Pelagus Rapid, and then back to Bintangor, Sarikei, Tanjung Manis, and back to Sibu. mostly western tourists come to see the Rajang River, because of this ship, a credit to them. 東方邦島遊輪今日展開了拉讓江水上觀光服務.每個月提供3趟,每趟9天8夜的行程,吸引了主要是西方遊客,前來拉讓江觀光.遊輪每趟可載60名客人,讓他們觀賞到拉讓江下游的達叻,民丹莪,泗里街,丹章馬尼,上游的加拿逸,桑,加帛,和柏拉固急灘等.遊輪對拉讓江旅遊業的貢獻,受到本地人民的欣賞.


  1. hopefully pandaw can sustain and be maintained with utmost quality. also hope that sibu tourism industry will proliferate further to benefit the ppl of sibu. providing good image to them and rich experience garnered by these tourists, they will spread the good news back in their hometowns and thus further influx of them to sibu.

  2. Cruising up and down that muddy river for what? Showing the Western tourists how we screwed up the nature? I suggest a day trip like what they do in Hollywood to show them where those rich timber loggers live.

  3. chill man, money is not everything. Health and Happiness are vital.
    money can only buy temporary happiness, millionaires will still get cancers and always feel unhappy as they greed for more power and money. those americans also chopped down all the forests in america in the past only left the red woods.

  4. friends,
    actually, tourists like ourselves, are just interested in new things and new experiences. rain forest undoubtedly has been exploited by timber companies. but muddy water is not what they are looking for, rather, our styles of living and scenes along the Rajang River. no matter what it is, at least a muddy river can also attract tourists. and we only pray that, the long houses and the hospitality of the people, and many places they are visiting, will be a happy and enjoyable one.