Saturday, July 4, 2009

華人文化節大遊行grand procession

全國華人文化節大遊行,今晚順利舉行.永安亭大伯公廟由美女帶出一個消息:明年5月12日,由詩巫永安亭主辦第2屆大伯公節. in conjunction with the National Chinese Cultural Festival, a grand procession was held tonight. a beauty on the float of Toa Pek Kong temple, spreading a message: next year on 12th of May, the 2nd Toa Pek Kong Festival is to be held in Sibu.
鳳凰山二霸王公廟龍隊演出. dragon team performing.
少男少女燈籠隊,具備青春本錢.看他們笑得多燦爛. lanterns and youngsters, look so nice.
由三洋大廈第23層的詩巫市議會向外望,詩巫城市廣場在黃昏時,各遊行隊伍已紛紛抵達現場. as from 23rd floor of Wisma Sanyan, teams gathered at Sibu Town Square to take part in the procession.
詩巫福州公會的香車美人,吸引了公眾競相拍照. beauties on the float, attract many enthusiasts to take photos.

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