Monday, July 13, 2009

文化節謝幕 the FINALE of BCF

第8屆婆羅洲文化節終於結束.最後一晚的人群,司儀宣傳說有5萬人,我在台下回應說大概5000人吧?報大數是最好玩, 又最丟人的.不過,老實說,那一晚除了許多不幸事件,如警察對非法泊車發"三萬"(應是前兩晚的事),以及阿昌的左前車胎被偷外,參加這項盛大活動的人群,少說也有2萬5000人左右.減掉一半是最貼切和比較靠得住的說法.
the 8th edition of Borneo Cultural Festival finally come to a close. other than all those unfortunate incidents, like the "summon" I got at around 9:54pm two night earlier for illegal parking within 6 meters from a road turning; a front wheel of Ah Chiong's car was missing; around 25 thousand people turn up for the grand FINALE, which lasted until 11:30pm, when the sky line was brightened by the fireworks.
哪....我們明年見囉?!今年古晉許多朋友沒來,少了那一份"熱",難怪我9個晚上都只能在忙著拍照,原來少了遠方來的客人湊熱鬧,也不必費神去招待他們. we'll meet again next year, same time, same place. I hope not only the same people, but more from far away, including my friends from Kuching who did not turn up this time.
今年終於買到相機的remote cord,可以匆匆忙忙,但比較有信心的拍煙花夜景.令情況回轉了一點. using my just bought remote cord, I have more confident to take better fireworks photo this time.
萬人鑽動的最後一晚. crowd gathered around the main stage during the closing of the BCF.


  1. 不好意思!時間安排不到。明年我一定去。哈哈

  2. crystal, 我的感情受到傷害,我要你好好賠我.說來又不來,怎麼你們女孩子都是這麼善變的???星期一(7月27號)我會去古晉拍賽船和花船及煙花,希望你會出現.當然帶著相機啦!!不要說你連相機也賣掉了.....有三腳架也帶來.不然,即時去買吧.中國貨不貴,百多塊就可以了.

  3. miss we ?!!
    see you next year^^