Monday, July 13, 2009

歌女最本領 singer can do more

歌星歌女最本領,他們可以叫你又跳又唱,管你達官貴人,都要來跟我跳一回,唱一回.貴為部長的劉會洲和陳康南,西馬歌星都不放過.so....only the singer can ask ministers to dance and sing to her tunes. who else?....even Robert Lau and George Chan have to follow....
劉會洲副部長的跳舞照片,是由攝影界朋友黃子錦所提供.(多謝了,子錦,還好有你....) photographer friend Wong Tze King provide this photo for my blog. thanks.
歌女近距離與陳康南部長面對面. the singer sings in front of George Chan.

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  1. Hahahah
    You and I don't have that special talent boh......
    May be should get more singers to come so that we can get the flood problem solved??????