Monday, June 29, 2009

Vivo City和深海世界 Undersea world & Vivo City

站在魚群底下有多爽?那就要問問阿美娟了.這是聖陶沙島的深海世界內所拍. under all these fishes, what feeling do you have? this is Sentosa Resort, undersea world.
水母的顏色,是隨著燈光而改變,並不是它們本來的顏色. the colour of the jelly fish changes according to the lighting.
這隻海馬像是水草,或是水草像海馬.都一樣,反正兩者分不開. seahorse or seaweed? I think that makes no different. just let it be....
聖陶沙島的對岸,也就是新加坡島這一端的大樓,里面是Vivo City購物中心.很大,很亮麗. on the main land of Singapore, opposite of Sentosa Resort, is this main building which also house the Vivo City shopping mall. very bright, very nice.
在Vivo City里,可以見到古晉的kolo麵.砂拉越人"殺"到新加坡了.哪,新加坡不是很快"淪陷"在砂拉越人手中?! Sarawakian, Kuchingite in particular, open this kolo mee restaurant in Vivo City.


  1. did u try the kolo mee? heard that the noodles were imported directly from kuching.

  2. anything special about importing from Kuching? just kolo mee. may be that makes the difference...

  3. i also have this photo^^sarawak kolo mee in singapore.