Monday, June 29, 2009

Suntec City許個發財願 pray for wealth at Suntec City

this view at the wealth fountain of Suntec City seems familiar. may be, in some magazine. what is the meaning of the circle, I never want to know. may be have some "fong sui" implications. well, let those who really believe it, believe what they want. what I'm interested, is just taking some nice and impressive photos. that's it. 新加坡Suntec City內的這個圓圈,象徵甚麼從來沒有去注意.只知道這個地點的形象好熟,應該在甚麼旅遊雜誌上有見過.原來就在這里....一點也不出奇.現在再問我,Suntec City怎樣去,我又忘了.sorry....圓圈是有甚麼"風水"作用嗎?看樣子是吧.
this is what they want you to do: walk around the "fountain of wealth" three times, and pray deep in your heart what you want. I never remember to ask Ah Mee Kiong what she pray for. well, actually I have every thing already. what else I need. as the saying goes: if you earn the whole world, and loss.....哪,圓圈底下的"財富泉源"就已告訴你,這個地點可以帶給你財富,只要你繞三圈,心中默默祈禱.阿美娟,你祈求甚麼呢?
an interior view of one of the four building of Suntec City. looks very modern and neat. Suntec City好像有四座建築.這是其中一間建築的內部陳設.相當整潔美觀.但是,我感受不到一絲絲的親切感,只有"錢"感....

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