Monday, June 29, 2009

不一樣的新加坡Singapore a bit different

MRT taking passengers to city centre from the airport. a different experience, but isn't it convenient? may be for those with not much things to carry, that will be a good transport, and cheap, I suppose. if you are not familiar with the surrounding, you better pay around S$25 for the taxi. 今日的新加坡,提供飛機場到市中心的地鐵服務.不過,如果你行李多,又不怎麼曉得路,你還是乖乖的乘搭的士車好點.預備25元新幣,應該足夠到達任何酒店的門口.新加坡沒有控制機場的士車的車資,不像吉隆坡可以先購車票.不過,如果他們亂亂來,搭客是可以投訴的.新加坡在這方面聽說很嚴.
visitors centres play important part for tourists, specially when you are looking for something or some where. you know what I mean. they can give you information and advice. but, never wake up too early like those of us coming from the rural villages, because the centre only open at 10 or 11am. normal for them in the city, not for us. I demand their 24 hours round the clock service. that looks like it....遊人資訊中心,甚麼問題都可以提出來.他們能夠協助你.去的,買的,貴的,便值的,只要你問得出,他們至少可以給你答案,或意見.不過,不要像我那麼山芭佬,一大清早就跑到資訊中心推門,結果守門員指指告示,原來要要上午10點或11點才開門.我要求提供全時間24小時服務.這才符合新加坡促進旅遊業的努力.那里有遊人等時間到你那兒求救的?他們是路過,發現到你,就想找你幫忙.結果你還在睡覺,叫我「等下再來」....豈有此理!!
if you are not sure where to go, other than asking the visitors information centres, you can also look up for the direction map along any street. study it carefully, you will get something, and some where. 大路旁,也經常可見方向指示地點.如果不確定方向,還是謙虛一點,停下來看看,不要不懂裝懂,害人害己.

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