Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sentosa is famous in name only, not much tourists these days. that is the reason why two casinos are under construction at the moment, one of them on the Sentosa Resort.
Singaporeans said that, casinos not meant for tourism, rather, to attract those with lots of money to spend, especially those who are using the money of the state, not from their own pockets. well, I don't care anything about that, not my business. if I can enjoy myself, that's enough already.
單軌火車每趟往返3新元,島上巴士車免費. monorail to the island, S$3 dollar a round trip. no charge for buses.
這個地點也有一座魚尾獅身像,不過,樣子好兇哦....there's another Merlion on the island resort. this one looks so unfriendly.
一架單軌火車經過仍在興建中的名勝世界賭場. a monorail passing by the Resort World casino, which is expected to open in the second half of next year.
遊人可以隨意坐巴士車在鳥上到處走動. tourists can take buses to any destinations on the island resort.
要租供腳車自己到處闖?也是不錯的選擇. bicycles for rent, do some cycling is a wise choice.

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